Fifa 10 Patches

Bored of playing the same fifa 10 ????
We bring a lot of fifa 10 patches that will completely change the feel and look of the game.
Same major patches contain : 

Fifa 10 rosters update 

All transfers done after winters, fixed all shirt numbers, updated formations and line ups. 
Download this great update BY CLICKING HERE. 

New realistic gameplay

Great new realistic gameplay patch by Regularcat released.

Here there are some of its fixed features:
  • Decreased players' speed for a more realistic sprint & pace
  • More realistic tactics ai for less offsides, better counter attacks, & realistic clearances in pressured situations
  • Realistic trapping skills for a more real feel
  • Realistic jostling battles for headers (with less falls from the jostle)
  • More realistic goal keepers' reactions
  • More realistic dribbling, with a better feel when cutting & performing skill moves
  • This patch is, in my opinion, the best ever done to make Fifa a perfect game :) 

Adidas Jabulani balls

Here it is a pack of Adidas Jabulani balls, with also the one that will be used in the South Africa World Cup!
They are really perfect and you can install them by Creation Master 10.
Download them HERE! 

Champions League popups

Amazing patch that installs the Champions League internal popups in your Fifa 10 matches. They look really perfect!
You can download the Champions League popups by CLICKING HERE.

Managers photo-patch

Today I release the Managers photo-patch, that adds the photos of best italian and international managers.
You can download the patch HERE!

Untucked kits patch

New interesting patch for you: it makes your Fifa kits as untucked, for more realism :)
Download and try it now by CLICKING